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Who is Sourcy?

We are a global sourcing company with a mission to empower SMEs to source products internationally in an affordable and efficient manner. Our goal is to create a hassle-free channel for merchants to source any products from anywhere in the world - at the lowest cost possible.

That's why we do not charge any sourcing fees or service fees. Just pay the product cost and shipping fee, and your order will show up in your doorsteps in 7 days.

We have 4 offices across different continents to ensure we’re able to support our customers from anywhere in the world.


What do we offer?

We will search and identify manufacturer that provides the products you need. Our promise is to ensure the requested item will be available within 2 days upon request and delivered within 7 days upon placing your order.

We want to empower entrepreneurs through facilitating a better sourcing platform with no extra fees: just pay the product’s cost and shipping fee.

We had you in mind when we curated our product catalog and we believe that our offerings are from the best and most trusted manufacturers. We hope you enjoy browsing through our products and find the products you need.


Who operates Sourcy?

We are a company supported by renowned investors from the US, Singapore and Hong Kong SAR. Headquartered in Singapore, we are a global company with offices across 4 countries and serve customers from multiple continents.

We are entrepreneurs, like you, and we share the mission to make international sourcing as easy as possible for small businesses.